Welcome to Habitat.CO2lutions

Welcome to Habitat.CO2lutions

What do us want to achieve?
What it is – a collective Urban Design Competition for urban climatic emergency evacuation space.

We will, with your help, target and invite the very best of urban thinkers and together initiate a design-CO2lution for an UCEEP test facility “Urban Cratzer” to share with sprawling cities in regions all over the world. It’s in our belief a system of urban cratzers can provide protection and shelter against Urban Extreme Climatic Disaster Events as part strong and resilient sustainable urban development.

If our crowdfunding is successful be sure that over the coming weeks we will publicise and post contributions via urban development networks and to city networks and orgs. You can choose any different types of “Urban Cratzer” for your design e.g.

A Crater-like formation
B Sport arena regeneration
C Usage of urban natural sinks, pits, dried out lakes, canyons, ravines and barrancos
D Other yet unknown shapes

As organiser of this contest the outcome we wish for is Wisdom and hopefully Interest enough to engage local governments through Involvement to further amplify the initiative, so far we have support for this initiative from Nigeria, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Liberia and Zambia… via Action to fast forward a small scale urban cratzer space either in a new or existing environment.

Conferences of interest
Six https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/post2015/summit
10 http://www.climatechance2016.com
11 http://www.icao.int/Newsroom/Pages/Historic-agreement-reached-to-mitigate-international-aviation-emissions.aspx
12 https://www.habitat3.org
13 http://cop22.ma

What is the timeline for the competition?

By Sunday 10 July at 6pm ending the first round, the three most popular contributions in the categories Best, Great and Good will be announced, much highlighted and promoted. The competition’s second and third round will then go on until mid-September. Final winners will be published, contributions in presentable format in suitable settings.
The goal is to organise and participate in a side event (focussing on implementation and action-oriented initiatives for the New Urban Agenda) at Habitat3.org in Quito. Winning contributions will be invited to join and to showcase contributions from different continents.
With hope of input from the #UrbanCratzer Design Competition can contribute to the New Urban Agenda’s adoption programme. It’s a urban design contest.

The familiar format will be a three-part presentation. Part one is to welcome everyone, a briefing about Urban Extreme Climatic Events are likely to occur more frequently even with the probability of calamites striking our cities. Part two will present the urban design competition. Part three will showcase latest Cratzer designs, drawings and blueprints.

All designs will be shared with CCCRdg and regional city planners, along with voting data and public feedback. The output of the competition will be a publication of designs, along with information about which design concepts are well received and why.

The final choice of design will rest with urban city planners at their discretion, including the option to retain the current city plan, or to use design elements within the context of other plans.

You can make the difference with your entry in this Urban Design Competition. Be the rescue footprint that can safeguard cities all over the planet.

How we will use the funds raised

The goal is if HabitatCO2lutions have successful funding, all designs, along with the voting data and comments, will be published and submitted to local governments and municipalities for review. The submissions will also be offered to share in on virtual exhibitions with each competition round (all of this data will also be shared with global event organizers representing sustainable urban development). Competition entrants agree to publish their entries under the Creative Commons license, which allows entries to be shared and adapted for non-for-profit, non-commercial use).

Who we are and what we do

Climate Change Centre Reading (CCCRdg) The GREEN DDR notice board for all Climate Change governments/businesses/supporters for planetary protection. Driving Urban bid for network of Climatic Emergency Evacuation planning.

As a non-for-profit initiative only in partnership with local government partners, interested in the synergy effects that can apply upon unprotected unsheltered high density zones where these disaster response solutions are an upcoming need in a very uncertain future.

“Consider climate change in every action”