Background – Urban Climatic Emergency Evacuation Plan #UCEEP

In accordance with the #ParisAgreement what is needed is a draft strategy of a general Urban Climatic Emergency Evacuation Plan/Program (UCEEP) if selected relevant to the implementation of the Habitat III policy documents. Urban Extreme Climatic Events are likely to occur more frequent even with the probability of calamites striking our cities. How many capitals or state province capitals are ready and have an updated UCEEP in place interlinked with the New Urban Agenda?  – Not many at all, Tokyo Yes, Berlin No, Bonn ? etc.  Addressing greater safety action for the need of shelter and protection. Where is your city’s evacuation plan/area district?

As you are all aware global emissions cannot, within our planets carbon allowance, keep temperature levels under two degrees.

To save lives the nine global agreements (Istanbul, Apia, Sendai, Addis-Ababa, New York, Paris and Quito/Marrakesh) need to offer climatic disaster response and city preparedness by order of continental/global magnitude.

If steps are taken to recognise preparations for evacuation areas and urban cratzers in dense city areas this can be a just and fair transformative transmission, perhaps then cities can be lucky with a disaster response plan/program due to coming climate change impacts.

The blog link on where the UCEEP draft working paper was published on May 5, 2015 and can also be downloaded at: 

“Dealing with a climate crisis has now gone planetary – planners and policy makers alert the importance for vulnerable citizens of having an Urban Climatic Emergency Evacuation Plan (UCEEP) policy in place for the outcome of the New Urban Agenda, proven realistic in an actual emergency. 

Considering the general policies of the national government a first draft UCEEP to compliment the 2030 agenda, for urban settlement equipped with detailed evacuation plans for facilitating and handling a climate crisis as seen in every continent on the planet.”

“Migration with dignity must be part of a climate change adaptation strategy, rather than relocation of people as climate refugees,”~former President of Kiribati Anote Tong #WorldRefugeeDay

This strategic first draft working paper was developed as city adoption to Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement. Since then we have seen severe tropical storms, impact flooding, forest fires and a rise in air pollution etc.  Therefore, there is a need to raise awareness before negotiations at PrepCom3 Surabaya (July) and at Habitat III taking place in Quito (October) and before COP22 in Marrakesh and a number of forthcoming city development conferences during 2017.


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