Forecast; The conclusion of the 9th World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur – #wuf9

Kuala Lumpur, Agadir, New York, Marrakesh, Buenos Aires, Prague, Surabaya, Paris, Reading and Stockholm #forumbandarsedunia9

This is an emergency action opportunity to promote SDG18 DISASTER RISK RESILIENCE for global disaster security with reference to the Sendai Framework for Disaster Response (DRR).

Local government leaders must prioritise climate change action (CCA) to mitigate and prepare for urban disaster risk reduction (DRR).

Non-avoidable risk-impact assessment in urban planning and design Local implementation calls for the recognition and strengthening of local actors as agents for sustainable urban development and the promotion of decentralised government systems. National development plans and policies need to be drafted according to local realities. To secure ownership, local populations need to be included in planning and decision making processes. This requires the strengthening of urban capacities and administrations in order for them to fulfil their responsibilities and be responsive to local needs. Every council’s planning committees casting plans way ahead of the next World Habitat Conference 2036.

Change proposed

By adopting SDG18 DISASTER RISK RESILIENCE will provide insightful examples for cities not only on the planning and implementing of the risk-sensitive plans but also on engaging multi-sectoral dialogue in resilience building processes; Risk-Informed Subnational Development Planning at all levels to put in place strong governance foundations so that risk-informed development can be sustained in near future planning and budgeting processes, tools, plans and policies, which in turn contributes directly to the implementation of Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the New Urban Agenda and SDGs.

Global Goal No. 18 as a new family member and Independent UN Partner for Decentralized Urban Cooperation to Assess and Enhance Strategic Effectiveness of UN in partnership with the UN-Habitat. The SDG18 would deliver risk-informed development through a comprehensive range of services, e.g. strengthen financial and institutional capacity within the Global Goals.

We can do this, do consider the seriousness and span of issues we raise in our representation for action on man-made hazards;

Outcome document-UN_Habitat_Urban Climatic Disaster Response – Adopt SDG18 –

Thank you for taking your time and interest in also local urban resilient development. “Bigger picture thinkers make better humans”

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