2 days – The New Urban Agenda needs to recognize a future of city-to-city networks and trade

While cities are taking on increasingly robust roles in global trade, much work needs to be done to enable all such areas to access related benefits. In this, Habitat III can play an important part.


“Increasingly, relationships between cities are becoming more important than those between countries. Global supply chains connect cities, not countries. It is the large and secondary city hubs and ports that are progressively setting the agenda for trade, investment and economic development.”

“The current model of city development — which sees large cities capturing an increasing proportion of national jobs, investment, and human capital — is substantially weakening the efficiency of systems of cities.”

“Under the new model, governments — especially local and city governments — have become more engaged with communities in planning and developing economic policy. Now, many act as facilitators and partners in development. The next step in the evolution of this model has been for cities to take a direct role by engaging in collaborative governance arrangements.”


Full story here http://citiscope.org/habitatIII/commentary/2016/06/new-urban-agenda-needs-recognize-future-city-city-networks-and-trade

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